Glenn's Biography

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As with most authors, Glenn Lindsey started with reading – Mother Goose nursery rhymes were the first stories. At some point in the twentieth century, he graduated to writing, and this is now his passion. Like Sir Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes’ fame, he creates cozy mysteries for Billy Fender — his protagonist. Billy often needs courage to solve these cases—cozy does not mean comfy. He and his diverse group of friends must also work as a team. Finding important clues in the town of Coyote Point is not easy. With the publishing of The Fortune Cookie Mystery, Glenn now has four middle-grade detective novels in the Billy Fender PI Series – The Shoebox Mystery, The Dinosaur Bone Mystery, The Ghostly Maiden Mystery, and the brand new The Fortune Cookie Mystery. They are published on Amazon around the world and are FREE on Kindle Unlimited.